"I have been visiting Apurva for almost a year and it has been really, really helpful. All problems are dealt with empathy and compassion and without any judgement at all. She is a really great therapist and I would recommend her to anybody who required help."

- Prachi, Bangalore

18th February 2020 
Psychological Counselling

"The session has been interesting and insightful. I have learned some new things about my existence and personal being that I believe will help me in moving forward in the right direction in my life. Apurva has been a wonderful guide and holder of space during this journey. The approach was very soft and appreciated. Thank you!"

- Heather Bames, Lanachasire

17th February 2020

"I am very happy to meet Apurva. She is a very compassionate person. I feel so comfortable and happy with her. She had a great listening skill and session with her is really a life changing experience."

- Rejina Shanthi. V, Kerala

7th February 2020

"I am grateful to you for the wonderful QHHT session. You are a very down to earth person who is very easy to work with and has a lot of patience to listen and understand from the client without being judgemental about. I usually don't open up about spirituality or spiritual experience with others, unless I find them genuinely interested. I found you have a curious, compassionate and

genuine wonderment about higher realms and easily understood the various experiences that I wanted to discuss. The consultation felt more like a highly beneficial and rich mutual discussion, where I had a lot to share and learn from you. All your skills as an excellent healer and humble human being helped me having a fulfilling QHHT experience.

It was really a humbling experience to know about my past life and I am really happy that I signed up for the session. Even though I could not get more details about my star family, details about my origin, the image of the real essence of my wife, metaphysical relationship with son and possibilities of the future were all unbelievably beautiful. The excruciating pain on my left hand while finishing up the healing, the ringing of bells twice during the session etc. was hard to believe but was one of a kind.

I am really grateful for your service and what it did to me spiritually. I wish more love and light shower over you and you reach the pinnacle of abundance and with HIS grace help as many souls as possible with your service."

- Ajith Gopinath, Bangalore

2nd January 2020

"I am medical doctor and a trained hypnotherapist myself. I have also been regular meditation since 4years and I have a tendency to go deep. Since a while, I have been getting profound messages and that would make me wonder, if these are indeed for real or made up by my mind? I wasn't able to totally accept the messages.

Since I already knew about regular hypnotherapy, I wanted to experience the QHHT method of Dolores Cannon. I had read her books and was fascinated by her approach. I searched in Bangalore and luckily found Apurva!

We connected instantly, and she has been very courteous and professional in her approach. We fixed the appointment for a day, which was comfortable for both of us and in the scheduled day we met. I instantly felt comfortable and at ease with her energy. I knew that I was with a good and trustworthy person. I opened up easily and shared everything with her. She noted down my questions and understood my expectations very well.

The session went very well. She took me very deep and guided me well throughout the session. She asked me all relevant questions, pertaining to my interest. And as the answers came forth, she asked leading questions. By the end of the session, we had an amazing amount of information. I believe that I had connected with a higher intelligence.

After the session, I feel there is a shift in me, as I trust the guidance coming through my meditation now. I have stopped questioning it and gracefully accept it. Apurva has been a very good and thorough therapist and her support has been very valuable.

I highly recommend Apurva, to anyone, who is looking for deeper answers to their existence as a human and need clarity from higher perspective. She is not just a good therapist but an understanding person too.

I thank Apurva for giving me such a wonderful session."

-Dr.Sofiya, Bangalore

10th May 2019

"I have seen and heard a great teacher in Apurva. She has given me immense joy in talking about the higher things in evolution which are totally in the realm of psychology, which most psychologist are reluctant to see or talk."

-Prof. Ramachandra, Hyderabad

8th February 2013

- From Professionals -

“I have known Apurva Rajashekar for 2 and a half years, and in this time I have found her to be thoroughly professional and a conscientious therapist. She majors in mental health and is a consultant psychologist. Apurva is also a Level 2 QHHT practitioner. QHHT uses deep hypnosis to affect psychological change, which can also result in healing on the physical level.

Apurva uses both scientific and empathic analysis to enable her to choose the right therapy for her client, ensuring a rapid recovery. I have great respect for Apurva, her work and ability and would highly recommend her.”

-Guy Steven Needler  MBA, MSc, CEng, MCMA

Author & Healer
MCMA (Member of the UK Complimentary Medical Association)

I have known Ms Apurva Rajashekar for close to a decade now. She joined us at the International Academy for Creative Teaching, the Research Wing and Teacher Training Institution of the Jain Group of Institutions, as a Program Coordinator and Psychologist, in July 2007.

During her time with the Academy, Ms. Apurva demonstrated a proactive attitude and a steadfast commitment to completing the tasks assigned to her. She was extremely popular, consistently received high ratings and positive reviews and participants felt comfortable with her style and approach in workshops.

I am confident that she will make a mark as a researcher and will carry forward her research work with confidence, commitment, creativity and professionalism.

-Sandeep Shastri  Ph.D

Pro Vice Chancellor & Director,
Centre for Research in Social Science & Education(CERSSE), Bangalore

I have known Apurva Rajashekar personally and professionally for the last five years. Professionally Apurva stands out with exemplary qualities. She has set herself high standards and no matter what the hardship are she manages to reach her goals. She is meticulous and strives to reach perfection.

Her presentations are tuned to the audience she addresses. The command over the language and the subject is appreciable. Her ambition and commitment to this field of science is outstanding and noteworthy. I have referred several of my clients to her and they are all doing well and praise and appreciate her commitment to work. She is an asset to any institute and I foresee a great future for Apurva and wish her success in all her endeavours.

-Dr.Asha Benakappa 

Professor of Pediatrics,
Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute

As an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Christ University I work with many students who have substantial knowledge of Psychology. Each year I notice that only a few

outstanding students offer a unique perspective and really embrace their learning of the subject matter. Ms. Apurva has consistently shown such a strong desire to learn.

I first met Ms. Apurva in my CBT course for M. Phil. during the 2010 even semester. Compared to the class average of B grade, Ms. Apurva earned an A grade in the class. Ms. Apurva was evaluated on case conceptualization, written assignments, presentation skills and subject knowledge in which she performed exceptionally well.

Though Ms. Apurva has consistently exceeded in all areas of her coursework, the best example of her intelligence shone through a dissertation on “Subjective Experience of Highly Hypnotizable Individuals during Hypnosis”. The work clearly showed her ability to deliver a clear, concise and well-thought presentation with a new perspective on the phenomenology analysis.

Ms. Apurva continues to impress me with her knowledge, skill and dedication to her work.

-Jini K Gopinath  M.Phil

Chief Consultant Clinical Psychologist,
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Performance Coach at Mind Matters, Bangalore